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Residential Trash Service Fairfield County CT

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Residential Waste provides trash and recycling pick up for the town of trumbull and trash pick up for the town of Monroe.

Customers are given a 96 gallon garbage can to use at no additional cost. The can is on wheels and equivalent to 3 of your average household garbage cans. Our 96 Gallon cart is animal resistant and can withstand winds up to 35 mph when empty. Please call us at 203-408-6389 if you need an additional can.

Driveway service can be used by any customer but is most common for customers with long driveways. If you have curbside pickup, please place your can facing the street, and make sure it is 3 feet away from the recycling cart, telephone poles, mailboxes, cars, or additional cans for those who have them.

*Please bag all garbage to keep items from sticking to the bottom in the garbage can* 

Family Owned & operated

Serving Communities for 40 years

Residential Waste Offers both Curbside and Driveway Service.

Luxury Trash Removal Service

Our Yard Service program was created to make trash removal easier for homeowners.

This luxury service is perfect for:

Elderly people

If you have trouble getting your trash to the curb

Homes with long driveways

Homes that store trash in the backyard

People who do not want to leave their trash outside

Anyone who does not want to handle trash

Yard Service

The goal of our Yard Service program is to make trash removal as easy as possible. You don’t have to worry about taking your trash to the curb or when it’s time for us to pick it up.

Our small truck travels up your driveaway and one of our team members will empty your trash bin and put it back in place. We do all the work!

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About RWS

RWS specializes in residential trash and recycling removal in Trumbull, Easton, and Monroe, CT.

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