How to Throw A “Green” Super Bowl Party

recycling service trumbull ct | residential waste systemsSuper Bowl Sunday is just a few days away. As we get ready to watch the Atlanta Falcons and New England Patriots face off, you’ll need to prep for your game day celebration. These tips will help you throw a “greener” Super Bowl party this weekend.

“Green” Super Bowl Party Tips:

Decorate around the house.

Instead of heading out to the store for theme decorations, take a look around the house. Use your neighbor’s football as a decoration and get creative with table cloths in your favorite team’s colors.

Shop local!

One of the best things that you can do for the environment (and your community) is shop local. Not only are you support small businesses, but you’re also significantly cutting back on the environmental footprint associated with the products that you are buying.

Serve finger foods to your guests.

One really great way to cut back on plastic utensils is by serving finger food! Chips, dip, burgers, cookies, pigs in a blanket and other easy snacks can completely cut out the need for utensils.

Recycle empty bottles and cans.

No matter what type of beverage you choose to indulge in during the game, be sure to place it out with your recycling later! Want to take your eco-friendly beverage choice to the next level? Buy in bulk instead of purchasing individual drinks (liters of soda, growlers, juice mixes).

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