Spring Cleaning: Decluttering the Garage

remove clutter from your garage now that it's springtime

When the weather starts to feel nice out, but it’s still a little cool, that is the perfect time to start spring cleaning the garage.

A nice calm day with no winds makes it a perfect day to open the garage door and get some fresh air moving.

Before starting to move anything, make an assessment of what’s in the garage. Make a list of what you need storage solutions for, what will be donated, what can be recycled, and what you are giving away.

This helps to presort and prepare to make it quicker and easier on the day you want to start.

Figure Out Your Cleaning Method

Everyone will find what method works best for them, but if you choose what is going out of the garage and you do that first, you will have more room to work in.

Start with what’s going to be thrown away or recycled. Many things you may not think of can be recycled and picked up at your home.

Never put these items in a garbage bag. The local recycling center has bins with lids on them to make it easier for you.

What Can You Recycle?

Most people are familiar with bottle recycling — but did you know that plastic laundry baskets, plastic toys, broken plastic garden planters and even plastic hangers can be recycled as well?

This is a good time to get rid of all the junk mail piles, magazines, newspapers, and cardboard, including the many expired boxes of cereal and pasta (after you empty out their contents), and juice cartons.

If you have mounds of aluminum cans, you can recycle them along with steel cans and aerosol cans. Glass jars and bottles can go to the curb, and if you had enough with a pot or pan, send it curbside with the rest.

Donate Items to a Local Charity

Some of the items that are piled up in the garage may still be useful to someone else.

Gather up good toys, garden tools, clothing, footwear, linens, tools, sporting equipment, paint, and items that will not serve a purpose for you.

Once you start thinking of what you don’t use anymore, it won’t take long to get a carload filled with items to donate.

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