How to Reduce Waste at Your Summer BBQs

garbage company trumbull ct | residential waste systemsWhat better way to spend a summer afternoon than with hamburgers, hot dogs, and friends? If you are having people over for a BBQ this weekend, these tips will make for a more eco-friendly gathering.

Waste Reducing Tips:

  • Avoid Plastic Utensils – Plastic forks, knives and spoons might make for an easier cleanup, but they will also end up in the trash. Opt for reusable cutlery or if you don’t want to wash dishes — you can even stick to finger foods!
  • Fill Up Pitchers – Rather than buying cans and bottles, fill up pitches with flavored water, sangria, and lemonade! Serving beverages in bulk is a great way to reduce waste.
  • Cook Homemade Dishes – Store-bought potato and macaroni salad is usually more expensive — and it comes in a plastic container.  Make your own homemade dishes instead. You’ll end up with more food and less waste in the long run.
  • Recycle What You Can – If you do opt for individual cans and bottles — remember to recycle! You can also recycle any aluminum cans that hold baked beans and other vegetables. Have recycling bins easily accessible for your BBQ guests.  Just remember to rinse the cans first!
  • Save Your Leftovers – As much as we try to plan for our guests, there will always be leftovers. Instead of throwing them away, save them in the fridge for lunches or dinners throughout the week.  If you know you won’t be eating them — have your guests take some leftovers when they leave!

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