How to Keep Animals Out of Your Trash

iStock_000007035875_LargeWith the holidays right around the corner, many homeowners will be focusing on preparing delicious home-cooked meals.  However, with all of the food scraps going into your trash in the upcoming weeks, it’s important that you take steps to keep animals out of your garbage.  Here are a few tips to help keep your trash in the bin.

How to Keep Animals out of the Trash:

  • Secure the Lid – Try securing the trash lid with rope or a bungee cord.  Attach the cord or rope to the handles.  This will make it difficult for raccoons to get inside.
  • Spray It With Ammonia – Windex and other cleaning products can help mask the scent of the garbage.
  • Place a Heavy Item on Lid – Set a rock, cinder block or another heavy item on top of of the trash can.  Choose an item that is heavy enough for you to remove, but that animals cannot.
  • Install Motion Detectors – Raccoons like darkness and prefer to not be startled by bright lights.  Place lights or a radio near your trash can to deter animals via a motion sensor.

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