How Fast Do Things Biodegrade?

Our trash is often out of sight, out of mind, but the truth is that it takes time for materials to truly disappear.  Every material is different, and they each biodegrade at a different rate.  So just how fast do things biodegrade?  View the infograph below to find out how long it takes for something to biodegrade (if left in the environment).

Surprised by how long it takes for certain materials to disappear?  This biodegradability is why it’s so important that people remember to reduce, reuse and recycle!  Recycling gives these materials a second life, keeping them out of landfills where they can take several years — or in some cases never — degrade.  If you’re looking to recycle more and waste less, give our office a call to schedule recycling pickup for your home!

Read more about how long it takes for materials to biodegrade here.

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