6 Halloween Safety Tips for Kids


Halloween is right around the corner and there are so many exciting activities for children to take part in, but there are also many safety precautions that they should take as well. There are a lot of ways that we can keep our kids safe during the Halloween festivities and still allow them to have fun with their friends!

The Buddy System:

When your child goes out to take part in Halloween activities, make sure that they are not alone. Make sure that you can go with them or make sure that they are with an adult that you trust. Children should never enter the homes of strangers even if they are accompanied by an adult. With the amount of crimes against children increasing daily, it is a terrible idea for children to enter anyone’s home on Halloween, especially alone. Some adults set their homes up to look like haunted houses to lure children in. Make sure that your child is not lured in by this. Dark houses should not be approached by children either. Make sure your children know that they are not to take rides around the neighborhood with strangers either.

Carry a Flashlight

A lot of crazy and bizarre things have been known to happen on Halloween. It is very important that you make sure that your child carries a flashlight with them while out trick or treating. It is not very safe for children to be out at night without one. If your child cannot see in the darkness, the chances of something bad happening to them will increase greatly. Make sure that they are fully prepared.

Check Candy before Eating

In the late 80’s, there were many incidents where children were being poisoned by candy and even being cut by razors and needles that were put in candy and in apples. Since then, parents have become a lot more curious as to what their children have in their bags when they come home from trick or treating. Make sure that your child is only eating the candies that are wrapped. If the candy looks as if it has been tampered with, it probably has and would not be safe for your children to eat. It is incredibly important to look out for these things when checking your child’s bag of candy and treats.

Never Walk near Candles and Luminaries

Children are curious and young children are even more so. Make sure that they are not walking near lit candles and luminaries. Let them know that these items can burn them and even set them on fire. Also remember to buy flame resistant costumes for them, just in case.

Wear Fitted Costumes

Make sure your child’s costume is very fitted to their body. Also, make sure that any masks that they are wearing are fitted so that they can avoid blocked vision. Blocked vision will cause them to trip and fall and even not be able to see all of what could end up as a bad situation.


Lastly, make sure that if your child has a dark costume to put reflectors on it. It is important that others can see them and especially important to be seen by drivers at night.

Halloween is meant to be a fun holiday. Make sure you follow these simple steps to keep your child safe during the night. They will enjoy it just as much as you do getting them all dressed up!

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