10 Simple Tips on How to Make Your Office Eco-Friendly


It’s is important that everyone makes an effort to go green so as to save on energy and other resources. With adoption of the right ethics, any office can go green. Here are some tips to help.

  1. Reduce, reuse and recycle-The most effective way of going green is to make sure that you reduce the amount of paper that you use. Adopt the use of emails. You can reuse the sheets of paper that you scribble on. All the material could be used a second time. Do not buy stuff that you do not really need as this will only add to the amount of clutter that goes to the bin.
  2. Be smart about electricity-Make sure that you are disciplined on the use of electric energy in the office. Turn off the printers, computers, copiers and other machines that are not in use. Do not forget to turn off the lights in rooms you aren’t using. Use energy saving compact fluorescents and take advantage of natural lighting. Use open plan offices to save on lighting and energy for air conditioning.
  3. Use environmentally friendly stationery-Adopt environmentally friendly office products to ensure that you champion the cause towards going green. There are 100% recycled paper and scribbling pads. Print in black and white whenever possible, as this will save on ink, use refillable cartridges.
  4. Revamp your kitchen-Stock up your kitchen with reusable kitchen ware. Do not use paper cups at the coffee machine. Unplug microwaves, toasters and coffee makers. Ensure that any meals are cooked together to save on energy.
  5. Use push taps-Push taps will help you save more water. These can be preset to cut the flow after say 25-30 seconds which is time enough to have your hands clean.
  6. Use towels and not driers-Most offices will use driers in their washrooms. Since these driers use electricity to dry water on your hands, you can use cotton towels instead. The towels can be changed at selected intervals as may be necessary. Again, avoid driers as there is always a temptation to put your hands under the drier longer due to the warmth thus resulting to unnecessary wastage.
  7. Ecofriendly cleaning-You can request your cleaning chemical supplier or the company that handles your cleaning products to supply or use eco- friendly products. These will ensure that lesser danger is posed to marine life.
  8. Transportation-Most of the pollution comes from bio fuels that are used in machinery like vehicles. You can pool vehicles whenever staff has to be moved from one place to another during working hours. The point is getting to use as fewer vehicles as possible.
  9. Green is green-You cannot really talk of going green without talking of plants. Bring some potted plants into the office. Make sure that they are well watered and that the plants also get sufficient splash of sunlight to ensure they grow properly. It is also a good idea to make sure that the initiative is taken outside. This can be done by getting involved in corporate social responsibility. You can engage the community in garbage collection exercise and tree planting initiatives.
  10. Policy-To be effective in this noble cause, it is also important to ensure that there is policy concerning green practices in the office. The HR department should come up with this and come up with incentives and a reward scheme where workers can gain green points for what they achieve.

Look at what other offices are doing and keep tabs on the progress you make however small.

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