What is World Oceans Day?

recycling service trumbull ct | residential waste systemsIt’s World Oceans Day! On this annual day of celebration, we honor, protect and take steps towards conserving our oceans. This year — we are focusing on “Our Oceans, Our Future,” and more specifically how we can prevent plastic pollution and keep our oceans clean.

Why do we celebrate World Oceans Day?

The oceans are a crucial part of our environment. They generate most of the oxygen that we breathe, they help feed us, they regulate the climate, they clean the fresh water that we drink, and they are home to a large reserve of medicines!

Unfortunately, there are about 5.25 trillion pieces of plastic debris in our oceans. As a result, 100,000 marine creatures die each year from plastic. It is so important that we take the time to cut back on our global plastic use and recycle what we can.

How you can help:

  • Use Reusable Bags – Plastic bags are deadly to sea creatures and birds alike because they take a very long time to disintegrate. Worldwide, 13,000 to 15,000 pieces of plastic are dumped into the ocean every day. Instead of using a plastic bag when you go grocery shopping, bring a reusable one along with you!
  • Drink of Our Reusable Water Bottles – Many people drink bottled water because they believe that it is a higher quality, cleaner, and better tasting. However, that is not necessarily true! Switching from a plastic bottle to a reusable bottle can help save money, provide you with the same quality of water and help protect our oceans.
  • Recycle the Plastic You Do UseLast year, the average American used about 167 plastic water bottles — but only recycled 38! Make sure that you recycle all of the bottles that you use in your home. If you are unsure of what you can and cannot recycle, check out our list.

If you he any questions at all about what you can (and should) be recycling to help keep plastic and garbage out of our oceans, visit our website! You can also give us a call directly at 203-331-0173 to learn more about the residential trash and recycling services that we offer.

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