What Does Upcycling Mean and Why Is It So Important?

When we recycle, we take old materials, break them down, and turn them into new materials that we can use to make new products. However, while recycling is one of the best ways to reduce your environmental impact and repurpose old materials, there is a way to take your eco-footprint one step further — upcycling.

What is upcycling?

Upcycling is a way to transform old things and turn them into something new without breaking the product down into its raw materials. Instead, upcycling take an old object and gives it new life.

Why is upcycling important?

Our planet has a lot of people on it — and we produce a lot of trash. In fact, the average American throws about 4.5 lbs of garbage out every day! As our populations grow we also need to produce more, and in turn create more garbage — where does it all go? Instead of filling up our landfills with more waste, it’s important that we take the time to recycle more and upcycle more. Here are a few easy items that you can upcycle at home instead of throwing them away.

Is your cutting board looking worse for wear? When you upgrade to a new kitchen cutting board, turn your old one into a stand for your iPad.

Have a bunch of old draw handles? Turn them into a unique coat rack.

As if you needed another reason to enjoy a glass of wine before bed. Turn an empty wine bottle into a beautiful bird feeder.


Replacing car tires can be expensive. Upcycle your old one into a unique plant holder that you can continue to cherish even after it’s worn out it’s use on the road.

Fortunately, many of the old objects that we are tossing out with the garbage can actually be repurposed and turned into something brand new (upcycled)!

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