Why Recycling is SO Important

recycling service monroe ct | residential waste systemsYou know that you’re supposed to put your empty soda bottles, aluminum cans, and old newspapers in your recycling bin — but do you know WHY? Recycling plays a huge role in reducing our environmental impact and the planet we leave behind for future generations. It’s so important that we change the way that we think, globally, and put more time and effort into reducing, reusing and recycling. Here are a few of the reasons why it’s so important that we recycle all that we can.

Why We Need to Recycle:

Conserve Materials.

When we recycle paper, plastic and aluminum, we can turn those recycled materials back into new products, giving the materials a new life. This means that we aren’t spending time and energy gathering new resources. Instead, we can give those recycled materials a second life.

Reduce Garbage In Landfills.

Do you know how much trash you throw away each day? By recycling, we can cut back on the amount of garbage that we produce at home — keeping waste out of our landfills and giving recycled materials a new use.

Use Less Energy.

By recycling materials, we are also saving energy! We don’t need to expend energy finding new resources, transporting those resources, and using energy to create new products out of those resources. Instead, we can cut one piece out of the puzzle — and reduce our carbon footprint.

Reduce Pollution.

Another benefit to recycling is that we reduce environmental pollution. When we recycle and turn materials into new products, we reduce the risk that they will end up littered in the environment. We can keep our land and our oceans clean.

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