Why Cheap Dumpster Rentals Aren’t Always the Best Choice


When you have waste materials that need to be dumped, you will have to rent a dumpster for this process. With the right dumpster from the right company the discard will be disposed efficiently so that your home remains habitable.

In these modern times you have several dumpster rental companies at your disposal offering services to both your business and home. The fact is that all these firms offer varying rental prices for their dumpsters; therefore, you should be careful to go for affordable but not the firm that offers cheapest rental rates for dumpsters. During the renting process you should avoid renting a cheap dumpster from a company that will eventually disappoint you.

Here are disadvantages of working with cheapest dumpster rental firm:

Added expenses

It is essential to note that several cheapest companies always have hidden charges or do not cover the whole process involved in the discarding the waste.

Some dumpster companies may be offering cheap dumpster rental rates but are not reliable or responsible in either delivering or picking up the dumpster from your home. Hence, you will be required cater for cost of hiring a truck to deliver the dumpster to your home and transport the waste to the appropriate dumping site.

Tipping charges, late charges and overage charges are expenses commonly associated with dumpster rentals. Some companies will include the fees in the quoted prices, while others won’t. Those companies that charge lowest dumpster rates are most likely not to have included these charges in their quoted prices. Hence, you should always be on the look.

Unethical waste disposal

Reliable rental dumpster companies are usually committed to provision of cost-effective, safe and efficient waste disposal. Cheap dumpster rental firms do not adhere to these, they might be inexperienced hence, do not have the capacity to collect waste/ discards according to the set commercial standards and individual requirements. This will definitely not comply with local, federal and state laws which are always strict on public safety and environment protection.

The company may be uninsured or unlicensed

Dumpster rental business is similar to any other business, and there are several unscrupulous firms around that are neither licensed nor insured. These companies offering cheap dumpsters for rental may fall under this category. You should refrain from renting dumpsters from such company even though they might be offering the cheapest rental rates.

Working with a company that is registered is essential, in that in case of any problem e.g. breach of contract, things can be easily taken care of, since you working with a firm that is licensed by legal authorities.

Company with cheapest dumpster rental rates may lack liability insurance cover; hence you may have to pay extra when discarding waste. Choosing uninsured company may seem cheap at first but expensive in the long run; in case you make this choice you will be liable to pay extra when any injuries or damages occur in the process. Good dumpster rental firm should have insurance cover, be affordable but not cheapest.


It is important to consider dumpster rental prices in this modern time. However, going for the cheapest rental rates is not always the best idea, since a company may settle for this rates because they might be incompetent, have hidden costs, uninsured or unauthorized.

All in all cheap is not actually cheap, but can be expensive in the long run. Therefore, it is advisable to go for affordable but not cheapest rental dumpster.

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