What You Should Use Instead of Plastic Bags

Do you use plastic bags at home or when you go to the store?

You do… Why?

There are alternatives you should be using that will make your life easier AND help keep our lovely planet as clean as can be!

1) Reusable Tote Bags (preferably made from organic cotton)

When you head down to the supermarket, chances are you’ll end up leaving with bags upon bags of groceries. If you’re going to make an adjustment to your life by eliminating plastic bags — make this your first one.

With each trip to the supermarket, you can end up using over 10 plastic bags (and even more if they were double-bagged)! Break this awful habit by bringing your own reusable tote bags.

The perks of using reusable tote bags are:

  • fruits and veggies in plastic bagsSaving hundreds of plastic bags each year
  • Getting hundreds of uses out of your totes
  • Being able to hold MORE groceries per bag
  • Less of a chance of having the bag rip open during transit
  • Some bags have dedicated pockets for a more organized bagging experience

Even if you only read half of this blog, make sure this is the one thing you take from it! But if you do continue on (please do), make sure you incorporate these other plastic bag-reducing methods.

2) Reusable Produce Bags

For those of you that eat a wide variety of fruits and veggies — good for you! However, the healthier you are, the more plastic you end up wasting thanks to the store-provided plastic bags in the produce aisles.

Instead, opt for reusable produce bags made from mesh. This material will allow your fruit and veggies to be protected because of this sturdier material, while also allowing them to breathe.

You can purchase these reusable produce bags in a set, where the bags will range in multiple sizes and shapes.

3) Reusable Storage Bags

Leftovers. All of our refrigerators are filled with them. The best thing to store your leftover food in is a storage container that you can reuse time after time.

However, there are going to be some foods that will require plastic storage bags — especially if you’re trying to freeze them. In these instances, avoid purchasing one-time-use storage bags and start using reusable storage bags.

These environmentally-friendly storage bags will zip open and closed for your convenience and can get multiple uses per bag. Some of the best quality brands will even allow you to get a few hundred uses out of each bag (as long as they’re handled well).

Why use plastic bags when there are other alternatives out there that are better in every which way?

For those looking to learn more about the importance of recycling or are in need of recycling services, don’t be shy — give us a call!

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