What Size Dumpster Should I Rent?


There are various reasons you might require to rent a residential dumpster, the chances are that you do not rent then on a regular basis unless you have a construction company. Usually most people take them for granted and do not give a thought to where their trashes go. But in the event of a special project like big cleanup, new construction, yard work or even home renovation, you might realize you need to rent a dumpster to enable you handle the debris/ waste.

Dumpsters vary in sizes. The idea is to rent one that is large enough to accommodate all the waste from your project, and not too large that you end up paying much more for than you really should. You will always have to guess, but to make an accurate guess. Here are simple guides that will simplify your choice for right size of dumpster to rent.

Understand available dumpster sizes

Dumpster rental sizes that are popular are 8 yards, 12yards, 20 yards, 30 yards and 40 yards. The dumpsters are usually not that long, as their sizes are not normally measured in outside dimension but rather in volume – cubic yards. An 8 yards dumpster can accommodate 8 cubic yards of discard, while 12 yards dumpster will hold one and half that amount. As a renter, be it a first timer or not, it very essential for you to understand this concept as it will help guide you on the right choice of a dumpster size to rent.

Size your project up

It is important to clearly understand what your projects needs. Here is an explanation of what each dumpster size can be used for:

  • 5 yard – Great for small projects like storage shield demolition or bathroom renovation.
  • 8 yard – Perfect for 1 to 2 room cleanup and small renovations like sheds and renovation of small rooms or other projects of similar sizes.
  • 12 yard – Great for basement, garage and attic cleanout. Also good for bathroom and kitchen remodeling.
  • 20 yard – This is the most popular dumpster size. It is large enough to handle large projects such as deck removals, roof work, entire house cleanouts, floor removals, big landscaping jobs, after disaster removals and bedroom remodels.
  • 30 yard – Dumpsters of this size upwards are really big. This 30 cubic yards behemoth is perfect for huge projects such as building demolitions and home additions.
  • 40 yard – 40 cubic yard dumpster is very big and great for really big projects.

Seek opinions

Another simple way to making the right choice when it comes to renting dumpster is through getting opinions. In case you having a construction project, you will have a contractor. It will be very important to inquire from the contractor the dumpster size that they think is appropriate for that particular job. They often do this and thus they will be able to recommend to you a precise estimate.

You can inquire about the appropriate dumpster size from the company you renting it from. As they have seen varying projects, hence they can tell what project require what dumpster size. Moreover, not all trucks can pick up dumpsters that are over-loaded, so it is essential to get appropriate size dumpster.


Residential Waste System offers user friendly, affordable dumpsters throughout Fairfield County area. It is our joy to guide you to the right choice of dumpster size for rental according to the purpose you need it for.


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