Trash Hauling Tips from The Experts

Junk removal is like any other professional service in that you may hire someone to do it for you, or you may decide to do it yourself. A professional service is something to be considered as the workers do the job every day and know how to get it done quickly and efficiently. Many people choose to use a weekly trash pickup service for daily garbage and recycling needs, but then hire a professional for bulk trash removal such as old appliances or furniture.

Trash Hauling Tips from The Experts | Junk Removal Trumbull CT

You may have reasons for wanting to haul either your weekly garbage or the occasional bulk item yourself, and there’s nothing wrong with that. There are a few tricks you can use to make the chore a little smoother and easier for yourself. You need an appropriate sized truck of course, along with straps and coverings as required by local laws and ordinances concerning hauling. There are a few other lesser known tips to make hauling trash easier.

Don’t Overwork Yourself

This is perhaps the most common reason people hire professional trash removal services. It takes two or more people to move an appliance or furniture and load it onto the back of a truck. Especially if stairs are involved, you don’t want to damage the railings or walls, but even trying to maneuver a large item through a door can be tricky. If you’re lucky you may have friends or family that are willing to help, otherwise, you’ll have to hire a neighbor’s teenager or a local laborer to help.

Secure Everything

If you decide to haul your weekly trash, be sure to bag everything so it can be secured in the back of your truck for the trip to the dump. Whether it’s your weekly trash or a large item it can be covered with a tarp or netting, or in some cases straps and ropes can do the trick. Check your local laws to make sure what’s required. The idea is that it’s unsafe to other drivers if items are falling out of your truck, and there is the environmental concern of litter.

Be Aware of what Can and Cannot Go to the Local Landfill

In this day and age, everyone knows you can’t put old paint or used motor oil in the landfill. There are other lesser known items that are inappropriate for the landfill as well. Fluorescent light bulbs, old batteries and lawn chemicals are just a few. Recyclables, although usually accepted, should be recycled rather than taking up space in the local dump. There are variations with local landfills so you need to check with them beforehand to make sure of what they accept and what trash may have a better place to go.

Stay Safe

Professional trash hauling services not only know but are required to follow standard safety measures. When you do it yourself, you may not be required to follow OSHA standards for safety, but that doesn’t mean you should ignore them. Don’t lift more than you can manage. Wear good boots that protect your ankles and toes as well as work gloves to protect your hands. Be aware of any inherent dangers with the trash you plan to haul and take appropriate measures to eliminate the chance of an accident. Think about what you’re doing and plan the most efficient way to do it without causing an injury.

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