The Ultimate Spring Cleaning Checklist For Cleaning Your Bedroom

cleaning out your bedroom is a task that should be done every spring

Birds are chirping, temperatures are rising, and spring is finally in the air!

Do you know what this means?

It’s time to finally tackle your spring cleaning if you haven’t already started. There are many areas of the house you need to address, but none are more important than YOUR bedroom!

(C’mon, this is your palace we’re talking about here…)

  • Clearing off the Dresser – The one area of your room that can easily become cluttered and messy is the dresser. (All you have to do is empty your pockets or purse and this area will look like a complete mess.) Remove everything from the top of the dresser and only leave the essentials like your cologne/perfume, a watch case, or an accessory box.
  • Emptying the Closet – This might be the biggest project of your spring cleaning checklist. Go through your closet and remove any items you no longer use and any clothing you no longer wear. A lot of the items you store in your closet are mindlessly put here because they become out of sight and out of mind. Use this time to sort everything, remove what you don’t use, and switch out your winter sweaters for your spring and summer clothing.
  • Tackling the Bed – Start by stripping the bed of its sheets, pillowcases, and the comforter. Each of them should be washed and then replaced by your spring and summer variations that are little more breathable for the warmer temperatures. You should also consider washing the pillows themselves — just make sure they’re machine washable first!
  • Removing the Dust – Your bedroom is filled with dust. It happens to everyone. Start removing this dust by using a microfiber cloth to clean the tops of every surface in the room (molding, dressers, desks, fan blades, etc.). Once dusting is complete, proceed with vacuuming the carpet or sweeping the floor. Remember to also get some fresh air in your room by opening the windows for a short while.
  • Removing the Unneeded – After going through your possessions and removing anything unneeded (or any garbage), it’s time to dispose of everything properly. Donate any items or clothing that can be reused, recycle things that you don’t donate (just make sure your local recycling service accepts these items), and place the rest of the items in the trash for pickup.

Cleaning out your bedroom is something that should be done every year — because we all know how easy it is for things to pile up (especially that computer chair you have that’s currently filled with laundry…)

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