Spring Clean Your Recycling Strategy

recycling trumbull ct | residential waste systemsSpring is here and for many homeowners that means one thing — spring cleaning! While cleaning out the basement, organizing the attic and getting rid of old clothes may already be on your spring cleaning list, why not also take this as an opportunity revamp your recycling strategy?

In honor of Earth Month and the start to spring, the season of new beginnings, now is the perfect time to “spring clean” your recycling tactics at home. These tips will help you recycle better and more often this spring.

How to Spring Clean Your Recycling Strategy:

Make Recycling Easy –

Have a separate bin in your kitchen that makes recycling easy. This way, your family and friends won’t be tempted to toss something in the trash out of ease of access.

Don’t Overlook Recyclable Items –

Do you know what you can recycle — and what you can’t? While you might know to toss an empty water bottle in the recycling bin, are you forgetting to recycle soda bottles, soap containers, toilet paper rolls and hair gel tubes? Don’t overlook commonly recyclable items in your kitchen and bathroom.

Reuse & Upcycle What You Can –

In addition to recycling everything that you can — you’ll also want to reduce, reuse and upcycle. Upcycling is the process of transforming unwanted products into new materials of better quality. There are so many fun upcycling projects on Pinterest. Embrace the DIY life and create a unique piece for your home!

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