Simple Ways to Green Your Home Just in Time for Earth Day

recycling monroe ct | residential waste systemsEarth Day first emerged back in 1970 at the birth of the environmental movement. Now, every year on April 22nd, people join together to celebrate the environment and look for ways to help protect it.

What do you do around the house to help protect our environment? If you’re eco-friendly strategies could use some improvement, here are a few simple ways you can “green” your home just in time for Earth Day.

How to “Go Green”:

  • Go Paperless – No one wants to have junk mail and bills delivered to their house anyway. Keep yourself organized and put back on paper by unsubscribing from junk mail and signing up for online bill payments.
  • Recycle Everything You Can – You recycle around the house, but are you really recycling everything that you can be recycling? Don’t forget to recycling shampoo bottles, toilet paper rolls and other bathroom essentials.  There are a number of items that are often overlooked in the kitchen, too — like soda bottles, vegetable cans and pickle jars!
  • Install Low-Flow Fixtures – Low-flow fixtures are a great way to reduce the amount of water that you use at home, without sacrificing comfort. Low-flow faucets, showerheads and toilets can help you significantly reduce water use.
  • Replace Light Bulbs – Now is the time to make the switch to LED lights. They use a lot less energy than incandescent light bulbs — and they last longer!
  • Shop Locally – Now that spring is here, take advantage of the warmer weather and visit a local farmer’s market! Not only will you be supporting local businesses, but you will also be cutting back on your carbon footprint.

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