Reduce, Reuse, Recycle


We live in an ever-changing world. Things always seem to be speeding up, getting bigger, and becoming more efficient. With the current status of our environment, we have to rethink a lot of the ways we live our lives. Resources are becoming scarcer and the environmental impact is more important than ever.

Future generations are relying on us to solve these problems today for a better tomorrow. We live in a time where recycling paper and plastic is not enough. Today we are going to talk about a three-step process that will cut down on the environmental impact of your daily life.


Reduce – We live in a society where we have anything we want or need at an arms reach. As Americans, we are some of the largest consumers on the planet. We use a tremendous amount of resources on a daily basis. Many of the products we use on a daily basis come in packaging that is single use and thrown away immediately. Buying products with minimal packaging can help reduce the amount of waste generated. Online magazine subscriptions and online billing is a safe and easy way to reduce the amount of paper waste. If you want to limit the amount of junk mail sent to your house, you can write to the address below and they will take you off the mailing list or visit the Direct Marketing Association here

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Reuse – Just because something is second hand doesn’t mean it is any lesser in quality. A canteen or Nalgene bottle is a great way to eliminate water bottles. Give each member of your family a different colored bottle so that way they never mix them up! Cloth grocery bags are another simple and effective fix. This will prevent you from bringing home plastic bags just so you can fill up the trash with them.

Recycle – We are most familiar with recycling. You would be surprised at how many products are actually recyclable. It is not just plastic bottles and newspapers anymore. With such scarce resources, it is becoming more economical to reprocess old materials rather than using new raw materials. The recycling process also uses a lot less materials than creating products from scratch. Electronics are becoming more and more recyclable. These computers, phones and other consumer electronics contain lots of precious metals. Once separated and refined, these precious metals can be used again in new products.

Future – These new habits will not be formed overnight. It is going to take a lot of work by many different stakeholders to make this happen. Once we make these steps towards a more sustainable future, we will be on our way to living a cleaner and greener lifestyle.

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