New Year’s Resolutions That Will Keep Your Home Organized

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Happy New Year’s Eve!  Have you started to think about your New Year’s Resolutions for 2016?

The New Year is the perfect time for a fresh start.  This year, make a resolution you can commit to – a more cleaner and more organized home!  These tips will help keep your home organized for 2016.

New Year’s Resolutions for the Home:

  • Get Rid of Paper Clutter – Do you have a lot of papers lying around your home?  Receipts, mail and other scraps can build up over the course of the year.  As we enter a New Year, it’s time to go through your clutter and get rid of anything that you don’t need.  Organize important papers in folders and binders, and go digital with what you can.
  • Organize Your Snacks – If you have a designated snack cabinet in your kitchen, things can get kind of messy.  Place bins in your cabinets for organization during the busy week.  It’ll also make your pantry a little easier on the eyes.G
  • Go Through Your Closets – Go through your old clothes and get rid of anything that you haven’t worn in the past year.  Chances are if you haven’t worn it, you won’t be wearing it again any time soon.  If you tend to keep a lot of junk in your closets, it’s time to cleanse that too.
  • Take a Look At Your Attic – Attics and basements are both places where we tend to store unused or unwanted items.  Instead of keeping them, consider a New Year as the perfect time to get rid of them.  We offer junk removal services for bigger items, too!

Are you in need of a residential trash pickup or junk removal after your New Year’s cleaning?  Learn more about the junk removal services we offer on our website.  You can also 203-334-1660 to speak with us directly.  We’re happy to answer any questions you have about our trash and recycling pickup services!

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