How to Keep Your Garbage Can From Smelling

residential trash | residential waste systemsWe’ve all experienced it, but no one wants a smelly trash can. Sometimes, even after taking out the garbage, your trash bin might still have a lingering smell. Fortunately, there are simple ways to prevent this common household problem. Here are a few tips to help you keep foul odors at bay.

How to Deodorize Your Trash:

  • Avoid Throwing Away Damp Objects – Drain off any excess liquid into your sink before throwing an item in the trash. Bacteria thrive in damp environments. Although, you should be placing rinsed out soup cans and other jars in your recycling, instead!
  • Sprinkle Some Baking Soda – Throw some baking soda directly into your garbage bag! This is a powerful deodorizer that doesn’t just work wonders in your fridge.
  • Throw Away Used Dryer Sheets – After doing a load of laundry, put your used dryer sheets in your kitchen garbage. This will help absorb any smells.
  • Put Smelly Items in A Separate Bag – Consider putting your smellier trash in a separate bag. Fish, leftovers, spoiled products should be in a separate, sealable container to prevent odors from seeping out.
  • Take Out the Trash More FrequentlyDon’t let trash sit in your kitchen or bathroom for days at a time. Take out your bags to your trash bin so that they don’t stink up your home!

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