How to Celebrate Earth Day ????

HappyHappy Earth Day!  Today, we speak for the trees!

Each year, we take some time to demonstrate how much we care about the future of the planet.  Here are a few simple changes you can make.

How to Celebrate Earth Day:

  • Spend Time Outside – Go for a walk during lunch, head to park this afternoon, or find some time to put aside to spend time outdoors this weekend.  Earth Day is the perfect excuse to go reconnect with nature and spend some time with your family.
  • Plant a Tree – As you plan your spring garden, why not also plant a tree?  Trees absorb carbon and provide us with fresh, clean air.  Planting a few trees around your yard can help reduce your environmental impact — and beautify your space, too!
  • Recycle More – It can be easy to overlook recycling.  Before you throw something away, check our list to see if it’s eligible for recycling pickup.  You might be able to recycle more than you think!
  • Participate in a Clean Up – There are several environmental organizations that host beach cleanups, planting days, and pond cleanups.  Find one near you this spring/summer to help keep our environment clean.
  • Dispose of Trash Properly – We make trash removal simple and easy.  With curbside pickup, driveway service and luxury trash removal services — there is no excuse for littering!

Interested in learning more about Residential Waste Systems and the trash pickup and recycling services we offer, visit our website.  You can also call 203-334-1660 to reach our office directly to learn more about the residential trash and recycling services we offer to Monroe, Easton, and Trumbull.

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