How to Waste Less This Fall (2)Happy First Day of Fall!  Are you excited for the change in seasons?  Now is the perfect time to rethink your habits and enjoy a more eco-friendly lifestyle this Autumn.  These simple tips will help you waste less this Fall.

How to Reduce Waste This Fall:

  • Use a Reusable Water Bottle – The weather may be cooling down, but you still need to stay hydrated.  Use a reusable water bottle rather than a disposable one.  Not only will you reduce your waste, you’ll save money in the long run too.
  • Bring Reusable Shopping Bags – When you go food shopping, bring reusable bags rather than using the plastic bags at the store.  If you do use plastic bags, reuse them as a garbage bag in your small bathroom trash can!
  • Travel By Bike – Fall weather is perfect for bicycling.  It’s not too hot, and it’s not too cold.  While we know that everyone can’t bike to work, you should try to walk or bike to places when possible to reduce your carbon footprint.
  • Compost Yard Waste – If you have the room for it in your yard, try to compost your yard waste.  Leaves and yard trimmings can be combined in your backyard compost bin to help reduce your home’s waste.
  • Recycle What You Can – For what you can’t reduce, you should recycle!  Recycle empty bottles, cans, mail, newspaper, and more.  If you don’t have recycling pickup already scheduled, give us a call.  We’ll come pick up your recycling for you!

If you are looking to recycle at home or you are in need of trash removal, we can help make it simple.  Learn more about our recycling and trash removal services on our website or call 203-334-1660 to contact our office directly.

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