How to Tackle Attic Clutter

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Your attic is often out of sight, out of mind.  It’s the perfect place to toss all of the things that you don’t use, but can’t bare to get rid of.  However, attic spaces can also become cluttered quickly!  Here are a few tips to help you tackle attic junk and clear out your space this weekend.

Tips to Tackle Clutter:

  • Take Inventory – What do you have stored in your attic?  Some of your attic junk might surprise you!  Do you still need that old TV?  Take inventory of what you have so that you can use this list to organize what you want to keep and what you don’t really need.
  • Sort Through the Junk – Once you have inventory of what is in your closet, it’s time to organize and figure out what items you want to keep, and what you need to get rid of.  Don’t be afraid to toss items that you won’t use in the future.  If you truly don’t want to part with something, find a space to store it.
  • Box & Label – It’s time to organize what you do want to keep.  Organize important papers into boxes with filing folders, add bins and boxes with various objects, and keep your attic organized.  This will also help keep it easier to maintain in the future.
  • Get Rid of Junk – Now that your attic is organized, it’s time to throw away what’s left.  Depending on the size of your junk, you may want to rent a small dumpster for your garbage.  If you’re only getting rid of a few things, put it in with your regular trash.

Organizing your attic can be a big project.  If you have a lot of junk, give us a call and we can provide you with a small dumpster for your home clean out.  Call 203-334-1660 to speak with us directly.  We’re happy to answer any questions you have about our trash and recycling pickup services!

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