How to Reduce Waste This Halloween

Happy Halloween party with children trick or treating

Halloween is a fun day full of costumes, celebrations and trick-or-treating.  But for those looking to make their lives a little more eco-friendly, Halloween can also be a very disposable holiday.  Looking to green your Halloween celebrations this weekend?  Here are a few tips to help you reduce waste, while having a fun and safe Halloween!

  • Save Pumpkin Seeds – Pumpkins and jack-o-lanterns are a big contributor to food waste on Halloween.  When carving out your pumpkin this year, save the seeds and bake them for a delicious treat!  After Halloween, some zoos and farms will accept pumpkin donations to feed to their animals.
  • Make Your Own Costume – Instead of buying a costume, try making one from second-hand clothes. Not only will you have a more unique costume, but you’ll also help avoid wasting money on store-bought costumes.
  • Bake Treats at Home – Instead of trick-or-treating, make treats at home!  You can also look for eco-friendly packaging on candy that you plan on handing out at the door this year.
  • Reuse Trick-or-Treat Bags – If you and the kids are going out trick-or-treating, use an old pillow case or re-usuable shopping bag.

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