How to Reduce Super Bowl Party Waste

iStock_000073946929_MediumAre you ready to watch the Panthers and Broncos take on Super Bowl 50 this Sunday?  If you’re hosting a party, now is the time to start prepping your food and drink menu for the game.  As you start to put your party plans together, you should consider taking a few steps towards making your party eco-friendly.  These tips will help you green your super bowl celebrations.

Tips to Reduce Waste:

  • Get People Together – Having a group of people together can actually help save energy while watching the game.  Since you’ll be using just one TV (instead of many) you’ll actually be saving energy!  For an added bonus, opt for an energy star certified television.
  • Get Creative with Recipes – Grocery store platters and pizza delivery might seem like a simple and easy choice, but these items often can’t be recycled.  The grease on pizza boxes means that you can’t recycle the boxes!  Try making some of your own party food recipes, instead!
  • Buy In Bulk – For the food and drinks that you do purchase – buy in bulk.  Instead of individual soda bottles, buy a two liter!  Don’t forget to recycle them after.
  • DIY Decorations – Make your own decorations from reusable items around the house instead of going out to by them this year.

Of course, Residential Waste Systems is here for all of the waste that your party does generate this weekend.  Remember to recycle any bottles, cans, and appropriate items.  You can also put out your leftover garbage for our trash removal services.  We’ll make sure that your super bowl party cleanup is simple and easy!

Call 203-334-1660 to speak with us directly.  We’re happy to answer any questions you have about our trash and recycling pickup services!

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