How to Reduce Holiday Waste This Year

Christmas gift wrapped in recycled paper

Did you know that we throw away 25% more waste during the holiday season?  With the holidays in full swing, it’s time to start thinking of ways to celebrate without creating so much waste.  Here are a few tips to help reduce the amount of trash you produce at home this year.

How to Reduce Holiday Waste:

  • Send Holiday Cards Selectively – Go through the list of people you send holiday cards this year and see if there is anywhere that you can cut corners.  Chances are there are a few people on your list that you no longer stay in touch with.  Alternatively, consider sending e-cards or holiday cards printed on recycled paper!
  • Reduce Food Waste – The holidays are full of parties overflowing with food and drink.  However, taking some time to plan out your party based on the number of guests you’ve invited will help reduce food waste and make sure that you still have enough to go around (with leftovers).
  • Use Reusable Shopping Bags – Don’t forget to bring a reusable bag with you when you embark on holiday shopping trips!  Reusable bags will help keep your waste to a minimum while you shop.
  • Give Quality Gifts – Take the time to pick out a gift that your loved one will truly enjoy!  Durable gifts last longer, and will be more meaningful to the person who is receiving them.  They’ll be happy for the thoughtfulness, and the Earth will be happy that you’re reducing landfill waste!
  • Keep Holiday Lights Off During the Day – Keep your holiday lights off during the daytime.  If you’re due for new lights this year, invest in LED lights that last longer than other bulbs.
  • Get Creative with Your Wrapping – Instead of wasting tons of wrapping paper – get creative!  There are plenty of unique ways to wrap your gifts without the waste. Try out a few of these ideas!

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