How to Properly Store Holiday Decorations

residential trash servicesDo you always have trouble finding your holiday decorations when it comes time to decorate the house? Do you always have broken or damaged decorations to work with when you unpack them? To avoid both of these issues, it all comes down to how you store them at the end of the holiday season.

Tip #1: Don’t Keep Decorations Front and Center

Keeping decorations in prime real estate in the garage or attic is not a good move. Not only do they take the space of items you use more regularly, but this is where they have a higher chance of being knocked into and damaged. Instead, place all decoration boxes in out of reach areas, like the top of shelves in the corner of whichever storage room you choose.

Tip #2: Ditch the Cardboard

Placing all of your holiday decorations in cardboard boxes is a foolish move, as they offer little protection to the inner contents. Place all decorations in airtight plastic containers that will protect against humidity, pests, and falling objects. Choose plastic containers that are stackable and are colored (or see-through) for organizational purposes.

Tip #3: Storing Lights

Test all lights at the beginning and end of each holiday season. Throw away any lights that do not work or have exposed wiring. For lights that do still work at the end of the season, neatly wrap them around a spool or place a clip around them to keep them from tangling. Proceed to neatly place your lights in one of your plastic storage containers.

Tip #4: Storing Tree Ornaments

The best way to store tree ornaments is to place them in plastic containers with multiple layers of dividers. This will allow each ornament to be placed in its own little space, without having to bump up against another item. If you want to add additional cushion to prevent those very special ornaments from breaking, wrap the ornaments in white tissue paper (the dye in colored tissue paper could cause damage).

Storing holiday decorations can help speed up the decorating process each year, while also limiting the number of damaged decorations.

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