How to Organize Your Garage

trash removalDo you trip, stumble, or have difficulties reaching for certain objects when navigating through your garage? While you should be using your garage for storage purposes, there shouldn’t be so much clutter that you can’t walk around or access items you have stored. If you’re sick of the clutter (or you need to make room for your snow blower before winter arrives), here’s how you should go about it:

Start By Sorting

  • Begin by sorting all of your belongings into three distinct piles: keep, donate, and throw away. Make a rule that anything you haven’t used in over two years should be donated or thrown away.
  • Take the “keep” pile and sort the items into multiple storage containers. Have separate areas each designated for tools, sports equipment, toys, non-perishable food, etc. Use stackable storage containers and wall-shelving for a clean and organized approach. The most frequently used items should be placed nearest to the garage doors for easy access.
  • Take everything in the “donate” pile to a local organization that could benefit from these items. For all of the items in the “throw away” pile, make sure they are disposed of responsibly by your local trash removal service.

Store These Items In Another Place

There are many items that are stored in the garage that shouldn’t be. Here’s a few things that shouldn’t be stored in the garage and why:

  • Paint – Extremely high or low temperatures can damage it.
  • Paper Goods – Pests love paper products, so store them in the pantry or in a plastic container.
  • Pet Food – Pests will make a bee-line for bags of pet food. Instead, store dry pet food in airtight containers.

Don’t Forget About Safety

Since most garages will house lawn mowers, snow blowers, leaf blowers, and other gas-powered machinery, homeowners will store extra gas in a container within the garage. Therefore, every garage should be equipped with a fire extinguisher that is certified to put out electrical, wood, and oil fires. It wouldn’t hurt to plug in a carbon monoxide detector too!

If it takes you more than a minute to locate something within your garage, then you probably need to clean it out and organize it better.

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