How to Keep Your Community Clean From Pollution

cleaning up the communityBeing a homeowner is something you can be proud of!

Take pride in your home and the appearance of it. And not only should you take pride in your home, but the community as a whole.

Here are some tips on how to keep your property AND your community free of pollution:

Stop Buying Styrofoam and Straws

When you’re shopping, there are two things you should stay away from — styrofoam and plastic straws. Neither of these items can be recycled, which means they end up in landfills or littered elsewhere. Just because something is made from plastic or it looks like it can be recycled, doesn’t mean it can be!

There are many alternatives to plastic straws (paper, metal, glass, etc.) and there’s no real need for anyone to be using styrofoam in today’s day and age. By cutting these two things from your life, there will be a lot less of these items scattered throughout your community.

Secure Your Trash

When it comes to throwing out your trash, don’t just dump everything into your bin and going back inside. The last thing you need is garbage from your bin being scattered throughout your community via a wild animal or due to a strong breeze.

Make sure you follow ALL of these tips when throwing away your trash:

  • Place all of your trash into a scented garbage bag and securely tie it so nothing can get out (or in).
  • Avoid throwing away recyclable materials that should be placed in your recycling bin.
  • Place your tied-off garbage bags in your outdoor garbage bin and ensure the lid is secured.
  • Do not throw any trash in the outdoor garbage bin without putting it in a garbage bag first.

Be the Change You Want to See in the World

If you want to see your community freed of pollution and obvious litter, YOU are the person that needs to put an end to this. By doing all of the things listed above and showing people this is what they need to be doing, others will follow your lead.

Not only will your corrective action help your community, but when others start adopting your ways — there’s no limit to how much can be accomplished.

For more information about proper recycling and trash removal practices, please don’t hesitate to reach out. We’d love to answer any questions you have!

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