How to Dispose of Old Holiday Decorations

holiday decorations should be disposed of in a responsible way The holidays are coming to a close as the New Year is here and it’s time to set new resolutions. The first order of business is to put away the holiday decorations and dispose of any that are either broken or temporary. Some decorations need to be disposed of in specific ways, so read up before you throw anything out!

Broken/Old Holiday Lights

  • DO NOT place strands of lights in your recycling or garbage bins. Instead, see if any local retailers (that sell lights) have a recycling program that accepts holiday lights. Some stores will even offer you discounts toward new lights for purchase. If not, check your city’s local recycling centers to dispose of them properly.
  • Next Season: Opt for LED lights as they last longer and are more energy efficient than traditional bulbs.

Christmas Trees

  • For those with real trees, you can simply drive it over to the nearest recycling center that accepts trees, logs, and stumps. However, if you own an artificial tree (made with PVC piping), these poor things will sadly end up in a nearby landfill. Try to get as many uses out of this tree and then try donating it before attempting to throw it out.
  • Next Season: Opt for a real tree each season if you can. Locally grown trees can be recycled, composted, and new trees can be planted with no waste. Unlike their articial counterparts that will spend all of forever in a landfill.

Broken/Old Ornaments

  • Ornaments are going to break from time to time, especially during the packing and unpacking of them. Broken ornaments (glass or plastic) usually cannot be recycled and must be thrown into the garbage. Make sure you wrap the broken ornaments in paper so they do not pierce the bag or the workers who collect the garbage.
  • Next Season: Store ornaments in organized plastic bins with cushioned dividers to avoid any breakage during the packing and unpacking of decorations. You should also opt for more wooden decorations, since these won’t break as easily.

Don’t just place all of your old, broken decorations in the garbage — some need to be disposed of in responsible ways. For our Connecticut customers, give us a call if you’re unsure of what to do with your old holiday decorations!

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