How to Clean Your Home For the Holidays

the holidays can mean more garbage and more messThe holiday season might be the most wonderful time of the year — but it’s also the messiest time of the year. Between all of the decorations, gift wrapping, feast preparations, and getting the house ready for the in-laws (we know, we know), your house can turn into an instant disaster. Luckily, we’ve got your back and provided you with a quick list of where and how to clean:

1) Mop Up the Mudroom

The entryway of your home can easily go from clean to filthy in a matter of seconds thanks to snow, salt, and dirt. Vacuum the carpet or wipe down the flooring, shake out the doormat, and think about leaving a mat out for guests to leave their shoes on. The first thing your guests see is this area of your home, so don’t let it fill with dirt and grime!

2) Keep the Kitchen Clean

Preparing the holiday feast is one of the more daunting tasks of the holiday season, especially if you have a lot of guests coming over. With all of the dishes and sides, there’s going to be a lot of empty packaging, spills, and dirty cookware. Make sure you’re cleaning as you go to prevent any mess from ever getting too big. Not only will you cut down on the final cleanup time, but you’ll make it easier to find the tools and ingredients you need during preparation.

3) Keep Garbage Bags Handy

Throughout the holiday season, make sure you have garbage bags readily available.

  • Garbage Can – The garbage can in the kitchen is going to be used quite frequently. To makes things easier for yourself, line it with multiple garbage bags. This way you can take the filled bag out and already have another one ready to go.
  • By the Tree – When opening gifts, wrapping paper, ribbons, and bows will be flying left and right. Keep an emergency bag or two near the tree, so you can keep your family room clean.
  • Eating Area – Depending on whichever room you’re eating in, keep a garbage can or bag near the table. This way your guests can throw out their food scraps (and plate if you choose paper) without having to go into the kitchen.

The holiday season is filled with family, food, gifts, and of course — a lot of waste! If you’re in need of additional garbage or recyclable pickups, give us a ring! Happy Holidays!

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