How to Clean Up Post-Halloween Trash

iStock_000020932148_MediumIt’s time to clean-up your Halloween decorations!  While we’re here to pick up all of your leftover trash – here are a few tips to help make Halloween cleanup a little bit easier (and eco-friendly).

Halloween Clean-up Tips:

  • Get Rid of Extra Candy – Do you have a ton of leftover candy lying around the house?  Don’t let it go to waste!  There are several programs that take the candy and ship them to homeless shelters, food pantries, nursing homes and more.  Check out this program that ships candy to the U.S. Troops.
  • Upcycle Candy Wrappers – While candy wrappers are not recyclable, you can upcycle them into fun projects and crafts!  Turn candy wrappers into jewelry or collages for a fun DIY project.
  • Reuse Halloween Costumes – Put your Halloween costumes away in storage until next year!  You can try swapping them with friends and family, or consider donating the costume, rather than throwing it away.
  • Compost Your Jack-O-Lantern – Before you toss your pumpkin, try composting it in your backyard.  This is a great way to add nutrients to your garden!

For more tips on how to get rid of your Halloween waste, take a look at this article from Recyclebank.

If you do have leftover trash from Halloween – we’re here to help!   Learn more about our trash removal services on our website or call 203-334-1660 to speak with us directly.  We’re happy to answer any questions you have about our trash and recycling pickup services for the Town of Trumbull and Town of Monroe.

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