How Do I Stop Hoarding Things?

hoarding items will make your home a messLet’s be honest. We all run into the problem of holding onto things longer than we should.

(Whether it’s a collection of clothing we think we’ll wear “one day”, the packaging for all of the technology in your home, or little knick knacks that accumulate over time.)

If you’re the type of person to hoard things and refuses to throw anything out — STOP!

We’re here to help you clear out some space in your home so you can begin to live a clear and clutter-free life.

1) Make Multiple Pass-Throughs

If you have a hard time letting go of your possessions, do NOT try to get rid of everything all at once. This could increase your anxiety and cause you to hold onto everything.

Instead, get rid of a few items at first. Then after letting a little time go by, get rid of a few more things.

By making multiple pass-throughs, you can cut down on the clutter without increasing your anxiety. (Not to mention that dedicating an entire day to clean your home thoroughly isn’t realistic.)

2) Exercise the One-Touch Rule

When making a decision on whether to keep or throw away an item in your home, keep the one-touch rule in mind.

This means that you’re going to make a decision in that very moment, and then pick it up and put it where you want it (whether it’s in the garbage can, recycling bin, donation box, or back in its rightful place).

Taking too much time to think about it (or going back to it later) will decrease your chances of ever making a decision on it.

3) Downsize Your Collections

Are you the type of person that saves ALL of your children’s school work or birthday cards that you receive from loved ones?

This needs to stop. Of course, you want to keep these as mementos — but that doesn’t mean you need to keep all of them. Save a small handful of your favorite drawings, report cards, projects, cards, etc.

You should even think about creating a small scrapbook to put them in or maybe frame a select special one.

It’s okay to save some things — just don’t save all of the things!

4) Store What You Can’t Throw Away

There’s going to be some items you’re not going to be able to throw away (for whatever the reason may be).

If this is the case, purchase a plastic storage container and place all of the items you consider memorable. Seal this container and place it in the attic, in the back of a storage closet, or in the basement.

Doing this will remove a lot of things from your living space while allowing you to not part ways with your most prized possessions.

Hoarding is a terrible habit to develop. If you’re noticing that you (or someone close to you) is having trouble letting go of things — there are ways to STOP!

When it comes to recycling these items, be sure to refer to our recycling guide. So you know what to recycle and what you should throw out (or bring to a specialized recycling center).

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