How Do I Start Recycling?

recycling isn't hard, it just takes a few first stepsMost people do recycle. (We know this sounds like a lie, but it’s true!)

The thing is, there’s a lot to know about recycling. Between all of the different materials, organization of them, etc. Most people all feel the same way — they want to recycle more, but they don’t know where to start.

Instead of reading article after article about what to do — start simple! We’ll give you the initial steps on how you can get started the easy way!

Step 1: Join Your Community’s Recycling Program

The first step is the most important step. Join your community’s recycling program. This will set you up on the path to success.

And in this case, success is helping save the environment — one bottle (or can/newspaper/cardboard box/orange juice container/plastic toy that your dog really loves, but ended up chewing up too much so now you have to throw it out because it’s a safety hazard) at a time!

Step 2: Know What is Accepted and What Isn’t

Okay, we’re going to break this down to you in the simplest of terms. Every town and city has a different list of things they do and do not accept. For homeowners in Connecticut, we have a our lists laid out in a convenient Infographic!

Step 3: Pay Attention to Labels

If you’re done using a bottle, can, paper product, etc., check to see if it has a recycling symbol on it. This will indicate that you should avoid throwing it in the garbage.

  • If you’re at home, designate a bin in your home to put everything in before bringing out your supplied cart to the curb.
  • If you’re at work, put a small box underneath your desk. Place all items here until it becomes full. Then take it to your workspace’s recycling cart — or ask the custodial staff how to dispose of it properly.

Step 4: Remember Your Electronics

Never throw away your old electronics, even if they’re broken. Instead, bring them to a local recycling center that does accept them.

If you happen to be replacing an old electronic with a new one, ask the store you purchased from if they can recycle the old one for you. Most electronic companies do have some sort of recycling program, or they can tell you where to go.

Step 5: Start Small, But Keep Researching

Keeping these first few steps in mind can help you start recycling more. However, once you’ve practiced these enough and make it a part of your life — you should continue to learn more!

There are endless resources online that can show you the answers to all of your recycling questions. For example, our blog has TONS of information about recycling and waste management. So give us a bookmark, and you’ll be good to go!

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