Ewaste Recycling & the Environmental Impact of Your Disposal Decision


E wastes are basically electronic devices or equipments that have been thrown away. They might be working or not. It is important to recycle e wastes instead of keeping them unused.

Not many households or companies here outside Fairfield County, CT lack electronic wastes at any given time. Here is why because advancement in technology leaves older versions of newly developed equipments unutilized and in surplus.

Recycling reduces cost of manufacturing

Unknown to many the devices or their parts are still of great importance to the manufacturing companies. They can still be refurbished and used to manufacture newer versions of the electronic products. Exploiting virgin mines for materials is expensive for manufacturing companies. Recycling the e wastes avails materials at cheap hence reducing the whole cost of manufacturing.

E-wastes are non-biodegradable

Secondly, electronic wastes contain material like lead and beryllium that hold a significant risk to the environment. Keeping them out of the ground through correct disposal can be of great impact in reducing environmental degradation. E wastes are non – biodegradable e.g. batteries, plastics and motherboards of electronic devices. Through responsible disposal keeping them out of the soil prevents pollution of the ground water and contamination of the atmosphere.

Electronic devices retain significant value even when not being used. Donations can be done to schools, troops in the armed forces or disposal through bulk trash removal companies. You could be wondering why you should put yourself through all the trouble. Defense forces run their own recycling programs. These programs depend solely on disposed devices which should be availed to them for removal and correct disposal.

Throwing away e wastes into landfills without recovering precious metals like gold, platinum and silver is a waste to any economy. Removal of these metals cannot be done individually hence the need for bulk trash removers who dispose them correctly. All metals can be removed from the electronic scrap and re used in the manufacturing process. This goes a long way in conserving the resources e.g. energy needed to get the material. Recycling also avoid emissions of greenhouse gases that are caused my processing virgin metals.

Other materials that cannot be re used are first processed before disposing them off. Disposing wastes through dumpster and bulk trash removers should also be done correctly. Separating electronic wastes and other household waste like kitchen trash is an important step in correct disposal.

Some companies take e wastes in exchange for money. You can easily make a profit from being an e waste dealer. The main job is removal of the metals even without sorting. The metals which include gold, silver, copper and many others, are essential in many other industries like jewelry and foundries.

More electronic wastes are on their way to the gutter because of the fast rate of development of new devices. Research also shows that people discard phones or laptops in less than three years, whether these devices are in a working condition or not. Correct disposal can impact the social life of a society. These devices e.g. computer monitors can be given back to the society through donations to the financially disabled, schools and charity organizations for re use.


Reuse of electronic devices goes a long way in the promotion of human health. Toxic wastes like heavy metals e.g. lead can cause damage in the nervous system and the kidneys.  It is important to keep such materials out of the environment to reduce their effect on human health.

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