Everything You Need to Know About Recycling Tires


In the major states of the world such as the United States, Australia and the United Kingdom, more than half of the rubber that is used every year is converted into tires. Examples of raw materials that are used in the manufacture of tires include rubber, carbon black, steel, and many other materials with rubber being the major one.

In the year 2006 alone, over 300 million new tires were shipped out of the United States to be used by both trucks and cars. According to EPA, the number of scrap tires being disposed off in different parts of the world has been on the rise over the past one decade. That is why the need for recycling tires is very important. Recycling helps to make better use of old tires as opposed to letting them stay in landfills and destroy the environment.

Are there any difficulties with recycling?

In most case, recycling tires presents a major challenge considering that they are bulky and heavy to transport. On the other hand, disposal presents its set of challenges since the tires are made out of different types of materials. This should not however be a reason to overlook the many benefits that come with the recycling of tires for different purposes.

So, how does recycling benefit us?

  1. Reduction of pollution– Whenever tires are recycled, the process leads to the reduction of energy consumption and pollution. The most effective use of old tires is by finding other uses of the old but rather valuable materials. You can also choose to reuse the old tires by deciding to retread them. By doing that, you can make sure that the tires are still useful to you even though they are a bit old and worn out.
  2. Cost savings on energy– Recycling of old tires to new materials by grinding them is a desirable choice to make since the material will in the end be used to manufacture a new product. In the process, large energy savings are realized whenever tires are burned as fuel.
  3. Can be directly used for other functions– Rubber can be used as roadbed material, playground mulch, walkways or running tracks. Children in schools and recreational facilities can use old and used tires to play and still benefit from them.
  4. Recycling leads to a number of environmental benefits– Environmental pollution as a result of landfills that consist of old tires has become a thorn in the flesh for many people across the globe. In fact, many people consider recycling tires because of this issue. The biggest environmental benefit of recycling is the reduced mining of traditional materials like gravel and sand.

There many benefits that can be associated with recycling of tires. Again, recycling is recommended for almost any other type of material out there that is not bio-degradable. This is because such types of products end up dirtifying the places we live and work in thereby making them less ideal. Other than the cost cutting benefit, you get to save the planet.

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