5 Tips for An Eco-Friendly Beach Trip

recycling service | resdiential waste systemsOn a hot summer day, there is nothing better than spending the day at the beach. Although we love the sun, sand, and surf — we tend to pack a lot of disposable items in our beach bags. Here are a few tips to make your beach trip a little bit more eco-friendly.

Tips for an Eco-Friendly Beach Trip:

  1. Be sure to plan ahead. Pack your lunch, drinks, and snacks in advance. This will give you plenty of time to buy in bulk (instead of individual packages) and plan to use reusable containers and utensils that cut back on waste.
  2. Recycle your sunscreen when it’s done. Don’t forget the sunscreen! Choose an eco-friendly brand — and after you’ve squeezed the last bit of sunscreen out of the bottle, bring it home and put in your recycling bin! You can also recycle spray sunscreens after they’re empty.
  3. Don’t leave behind any garbage. Any garbage that you bring to the beach should be brought back home with you — or thrown away in the right receptacle.
  4. Bring a reusable cooler. Keep your drinks, snacks, and other beach essentials cool in a reusable, insulated cooler. Avoid using cheaper, Styrofoam coolers when possible.
  5. Leave the beach cleaner than it was when you got there! Feeling extra eco-friendly? Pick up your garbage AND any garbage that you find when you are at the beach, too! Others may follow your lead.

After you are back from the beach and you’re ready to recycle, put your bin out for pickup! You can also give us a call directly at 203-331-0173 to learn more about the residential trash and recycling services that we offer.

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