Dumpster Rental – FAQs

dumpster rental monroe ctFor those homeowners in the Fairfield County and New Haven County areas looking to tackle large projects, you may need more than what your regular residential trash pickup can offer. Fortunately, dumpster rentals are available, with guaranteed next day delivery to help you tackle any project you have in mind.

Dumpster Rental FAQs:

What size dumpster do I need for my project?

When renting a dumpster for your project, you need to consider how much waste you need to discard. If you are unsure of what size dumpster is right for your project, here are a few suggestions we have to keep in mind.

  • 8 Yard: If you are cleaning up just one or two rooms in your home, an 8 yard dumpster will suffice for your needs. This is perfect for small renovation and cleaning projects, like cleaning out your backyard shed.
  • 12 Yard: This size dumpster is perfect for medium sized projects, like cleaning out a garage or basement. It’s also a good size for kitchen or bathroom remodeling projects.
  • 20 Yard: This large dumpster is good for entire house cleanouts or for large projects — such as cleaning out a home after a disaster.

How much does it cost to rent a dumpster?

Dumpster rental prices vary based on the size dumpster that you are looking to rent, and how long you are looking to rent it for. We charge $229 (½ ton included) for an 8 yard dumpster, $279 (1 ton included) for 12 yard dumpsters, and $429 (2.5 tons included) for 20 yard dumpsters. Each dumpster rental price includes a one week period. At the end of the week, your dumpster will be automatically removed.

What if I want to rent a dumpster for longer than a week?

If you expect your project to last longer than a week, don’t worry — we can extend your rental for just $15 per day.

If you have any questions about how to rent a dumpster — or what size dumpster is best for your home needs, do not hesitate to give us a call. Visit our website or give us a call directly at 203-331-0173 to learn more about the services that we offer.

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