Compost or Trash: What Can You Add to Your Garden? ????

Compost or Trash-It’s time to start planning your spring garden!  Thinking of of using compost to nourish your plants this year?  Before you begin, be sure you know the difference between what should and shouldn’t go into your compost bin.

Compost These:

  • Leaves – As you clean up your yard for spring, throw dead leaves into your compost!
  • Fruit Waste – There is nothing better than fruit on a warm spring day!  Add any fruit waste to your compost.
  • Peanut Shells – It’s baseball season!  If you have a lot of peanut shells lying around, you’ll want to add these.
  • Grass Clippings – It’s time to start mowing the lawn.  Add grass clippings to your compost for added nitrogen.
  • Hedge Clippings – As you trim back your hedges, add any left overs to your bin.
  • Coffee Grounds – Leftover grounds from your morning coffee are high in nutrients.

Throw These In the Trash:

  • Bread Products – Leftover cakes, rice, pastas, and baked goods need to be placed in your trash bin.  They attract pests if left in your compost.
  • Cooking Oil – The consistency of cooking oil can upset the moisture balance in your compost bin.  It can also attract animals and pests.
  • Magazines – Paper with a lot of printing shouldn’t be placed in the compost.  The print can contain chemicals that you don’t want in your compost.  Recycle them instead!
  • Meat Products – Leftover meat dishes are a magnet for pests.
  • Sawdust – Treated woods shouldn’t be added to your compost.
  • Animal Feces – There is a health risk involved in using feces in your compost.  Stay away from adding this, including cat litter.

Our residential trash services will take care of everything that you can’t compost this spring.  Visit our website for information on residential trash pickup.  You can also call 203-334-1660 to reach our office directly to learn more about the residential trash and recycling services we offer to Monroe, Easton, and Trumbull.

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