Best Practices for Recycling At Home

residential waste systemsAre you recycling at home? You should be. After all, recycling is one of the easiest and best ways to help reduce your impact on the environment around us. The process converts what would otherwise be trash into “new” materials that can then be used to make new products! That said, we know that it isn’t always easy to remember to recycle — or to remember what to recycle. So we’ve listed out a few of our best practices that will help keep recycling right at the top of your mind.

Recycling Best Practices:

  • Keep a Bin Nearby – Don’t want to walk to the backyard to recycle? Keep a small bin in your kitchen or garage! You won’t have to walk as far to recycle, meaning that you’ll recycle more often. When the small bin is full, head out to your Residential Waste Systems provided bin and dump the recycling inside.
  • Don’t Limit Recycling to the Kitchen – The kitchen my be the easiest place to recycle, but don’t limit your recycling to cans and bottles from dinner. Expand to the bathroom — and don’t forget about cardboard!
  • Put Pickup Day on Your CalendarIt’s easy to forget what day to put out your recycling when you’re not in the abit. Make sure that the recycling day is clearly marked on your calendar so that you know when to bring it to the curb.
  • Rinse Out Bottles & CansAlways rinse your bottles and cans before putting them in the recycling bin. This will help ensure your bin doesn’t smell — so you’ll be more likely to keep the bin close to your home.
  • Buy Recycled Products – Put your recycling to good use by purchasing products that are made from recycled materials!

Not sure when your scheduled recycling pickup day is? Check our website to find your weekly schedule for Monroe, Easton, or Trumbull, as well any changes for holidays.

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