Avoid Buying These Disposable Items

Drecycling service trumbull CT | Residential Waste Systemsid you know that 40% of all bottled water in the world is just bottled tap water?

Many of the disposable items that we use every day have a serious environmental impact (not just bottled water). However, by making a few simple changes to your daily routines, you can significantly cut back on your eco-footprint and save money, too! Here are a few disposable items you’ll want to keep out of the trash.

Disposable Items to Avoid:

    • Plastic Water Bottles – Instead of wasting money on bottled water, purchase a reusable water and fill it up from the tap! If you prefer filtered water, install a tap filter or jug to keep in the fridge that filters the water for you. Some reusable water bottles even have filters that built into the bottle itself.
    • Coffee Pods – Single-use coffee pods can really add up and unfortunately, they can’t be recycled. Brew coffee at home. You’ll save money, water and keep coffee pods out of landfills.
    • Paper Coffee Cups – Like plastic water bottles, paper coffee cups just end up in the landfill. Purchase a reusable thermos that you can bring to work with you!
    • Plastic Bags – Next time you head to the supermarket, bring a few canvas bags with you. Many stores will even offer a discount for avoiding plastic.
    • Disposable Forks, Spoons & Knives – No one enjoys washing dishes, but disposable utensils can add up to serious waste. If you’re throwing a party and you really can’t avoid disposable, opt for a biodegradable or compostable utensil option instead.

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