Avoid These Common Recycling Mistakes

recycling service monroe ct | Residential Waste SystemsAre you recycling right? Here are a few of the most common recycling mistakes that homeowners make.

Common Recycling Mistakes:

Putting pizza boxes out with your cardboard pickup.

Unfortunately, pizza boxes cannot be recycled! The grease from the pizza damages the cardboard. If you are looking to recycle as much as possible at home, cut around the grease on the pizza boxes when putting out your cardboard.

Recycling cardboard lined with plastic.

Like pizza boxes, cardboard lined with plastic cannot be recycled. Any box with a lining built in is best placed in with your regular garbage pickup.

Throwing old pots and pans away.

Ready for a new set of kitchen bakeware? Don’t throw out your old pots and pans! These items can be placed out with your recycling!

Placing old tires at the curb.

We can’t accept old tires with your recycling pickup. However, we do offer junk removal services that will take care of your old tires for you!

Tossing Bug Spray in the Trash.

All empty aerosol cans can be placed out in your recycling bin! Don’t forget to put your empty bug sprays and sunscreens in with your recycling pickup.

Remember, all recycling and trash pickup for Labor Day will be one day later than your regularly scheduled pickup. If you have any questions about our recycling services, visit our website or give us a call at 203-334-1660. We are here to help you with all of your residential trash and recycling needs.

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