7 Ridiculously Easy Ways to Use Less Plastic

you shouldn't just recycle more, you should use less plastic as well

Do you recycle every piece of plastic that you use?

(We’re going to assume that’s a no.)

Is every piece of plastic is recyclable?

That’s an actual no.

Therefore, in order to help save the environment, we shouldn’t solely focus on recycling more plastic — we should equally focus on using less!


1. Stay Away From Straws

At restaurants and bars, almost all drinks come with a straw. Simply ask for no straw with your beverage. Creating this small habit can help you stop using a plastic that is not easy to recycle.

2. Use Reusable Bags
Almost all stores sell reusable bags at the check-out. Not only will these bags significantly cut down on the amount of bags you use monthly/yearly, they are stronger and can hold more weight and more items. Pick a few up and avoid the excess plastic!

3. Ditch One-Time Water Bottles
Convenient, yes. Environmentally friendly, hell no. Even if we toss the bottles in the recycling, they still take a lot of resources and pollution to produce. Instead, opt for reusable bottles and refillable jugs!

4. Buy in Bulk
Simple Idea: Buy the biggest size of the products you use often and it will use less packaging and produce less waste! And by not buying so little at a time, we won’t have to drive as often to get back out to the store! Now you’re helping the environment even more!

5. Make Cleaners at Home
We’ve all seen the DIY cleaners online, AND THEY WORK! Throw some simple ingredients together (like vinegar and baking soda) and make a myriad of cleaners for any home surface. You’ll be cutting back on chemicals and plastics at the same time!

6. Stop Chewing Gum
This will be hard for most of us, but most gum is made of mostly synthetics, rubbers and plastics — and are inevitable spit on the street. Use hard mints and mouthwash to stave off morning breath! The environment (and your cavity-free teeth) will thank you!

7. Juice It Up at Home
Fruit and vegetable juices are processed and use a lot of plastic. Invest in a juicer and make your favorite juices at home! Doing it the old fashioned way can avoid a lot of waste while also being the healthier option for getting better nutrition!

Earth is the only planet we will have, and the next generations will inherit it. We need to make it a planet worth giving to them.

Make it a point to reduce the amount of plastic you use!

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