5 Tips for Cleaning Out Your Garage


The garage is where so much “stuff” can congeal – old sports equipment, unused lawn tools, and other unused miscellaneous items – it’s really enough to make a sane person crazy. Here are five tips for cleaning out your garage and making your home a more Zen experience.

Divide and conquer: You can’t clean away what you don’t know is there. The first step to getting your house in order by way of your garage is to split up what’s there and figure what stays and what goes. This can be a liberating experience as you could find new uses for older items as well as finally allowing yourself to let go of old junk.

Sort through: Once you have gone through your items once you will need to go through again and do a serious sort-through. Really analyze what you’re holding onto and ask yourself again, “Will I ever really use this in the future?” You may find that you have a lot more to throw away than you thought.

Garbage run: Now the time is upon us, how do we get rid of all of these things? One solution is to do multiple garbage runs to the dump. That may have worked for your dad growing up but you remember how big and disgusting his old station wagon was. You don’t want that for your car, do you? Moreover your dad probably had a bigger car back in the day. Your tiny, two-door sports coupe wouldn’t handle nearly the amount of things that his could. Plus do you really want to put all of your garage trash into your car?

Bulk pickup: You could look at all your stuff and just decide that you will have the trash man come to you. However doing a “bulk pickup” can be really expensive and almost make the refurnishing of your car interior worth it. Bulk pickup also takes you from being in control to leaving a couple of strangers with the keys. It’s quick, these people are in your home or at least in your driveway, you tell them what to take but there is always the prospect that something could get misconstrued, things could get carried off that you wanted to stay, things you wanted gone could remain. The whole business of bulk pickup is suspect at best.

Dumpster rental: A final option is to rent a dumpster and take your own time with it. You may not think that a dumpster rental makes much sense but when you clean out your garage with a dumpster, the company drops the dumpster off where and when you ask, they let you have it for as long as you need, and they haul it off when you are done. Dumpster rentals for cleaning out your garage actually makes the most sense because you have the time you need to sort through your things, nothing gets thrown out unless you say so, and you have the dumpster for as long or as short a time as you need.

If you have to clean out your garage this season and the mere thought of throwing all these things away makes you stifled with fear, why not consider having a dumpster dropped off at your place? It can leave you with a clean garage and one less burden to think about in your home.

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