5 Things You Are Forgetting to Recycle

recycling service monroe ct | residential waste systemsWe always remember to recycle our empty water bottles, cans and jars, but did you know that there are other items around your home that you should be recycling, too? Here are a few items that you might be forgetting.

5 Things You’re Forgetting to Recycle:

  1. Flower Pots – As you start to pick up fallen leaves, put away your garden hoses and prepare for fall and winter months ahead, take a look around your backyard for old flower pots! Flower pots can be put in with your regular recycling pickup.
  2. Deodorant – We use deodorant every day. Does your preferred brand come in an aerosol can? All aerosol cans should be placed in your recycling bin.
  3. Plastic Toys – If you have any plastic toys in your home that are not suitable for donation, they don’t have to go in the trash. You can still do some good by recycling plastic toys!
  4. Pots and Pans – Is it time to upgrade your kitchen cookware? Recycle your old pots and pans when you swap them out for newer kitchen essentials.
  5. Plastic Laundry Basket – Laundry baskets are a home essential. If it’s time to replace yours, throw your old plastic laundry basket in with your recycling, not the trash!

If you have any questions about your recycling pickup or what you should or shouldn’t be recycling, visit our website! You can also give us a call directly to speak with someone regarding your recycling service at 203-334-1660.

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