4 Easy Ways You Can Be Eco-Friendly at the Beach

Who doesn’t love spending a day at the beach?

The sun on your face. The sand on your feet. The plastic bag brushing up against your leg…

Wait, what…?

1) Pack Everything in Reusable Bags

plastic bag pollution in the oceanBefore you even get to the beach, you need to pack everything first. Don’t be the person that throws everything into plastic shopping bags and calls it a day.

That’s extremely wasteful!

Instead, use backpacks, tote bags, and other reusable bags when packing your lunch, snacks, and other beach accessories. Half the time these bags never make it to the recycling bin, and they’ll end up in a garbage can or blowing in the wind like a littered tumbleweed.

2) Choose Snacks With No Footprint

If you’re going to spend a few hours at the beach, you’re going to need some snacks. Rather than bringing multiple bags of chips, opt for something like fruit!

Before you start screaming at us, let us explain ourselves!

(Geez, you almost took our heads off…)

Fruit has no wrapper or container for you to litter and harm the environment with. Sure, there might be a pit, core, or some skin you’ll need to throw away — but it’s not a problem since it’s easily biodegradable.

Also, fruit will help to keep you hydrated while you’re sitting in the sun all day long…

3) Bring the Best Containers

Speaking of hydration, you’re going to want to bring water — and lots of it!

DO NOT bring a slew of plastic water bottles. Not only should you not bring these to the beach, you should avoid buying these altogether. (But that’s a conversation for another day.)

Instead, invest in reusable water bottles that are insulated. This will allow you to throw in some ice cubes and keep your water cold all day long.

The worst thing in the world is trying to hydrate with water that’s as warm as the sand between your toes.

4) Recycle at the End of Your Beach Trip

When it’s time to pack up your beach gear and head on home, make sure you recycle what should be recycled. If there are no recycling bins on the beach (or at the entrance), pack up everything and bring it home with you.

Once you arrive home, you can recycle everything as you unpack your bags. It might not sound as easy as just tossing everything in the trash can at the beach, but this helps the environment more than you’ll ever know!

Being eco-friendly at the beach isn’t something you do just because you’re told to — it’s something you do because it helps keep the ocean and beaches free of pollution!

When you have questions about recycling, or would like to learn more about your local recycling services, please feel free to reach out to us at RWS! We’d love to hear from you!

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